About tabor


For more than two decades, countless guests, prominent men and women from all over the world, from presidents of states, famous artists, to ordinary men, all left their kind words to our guest book. The earliest neswpaper articles begin to yellow, while awards testify about the mission of this temple of gastronomy and a special friendship sanctuary, where you can always find music, talented people and beautiful women.


Tabor is also the only tavern in Belgrade, where the author of these lines, witnessed the owner, Mr Jovan, singing the old town songs with his guests and planting the money bills to his orchestra’s strings. This unexpected detail reveals the spirit of Tabor in a way.




"No man can really know a tavenr unless he lives near it. For more than a year, I lived in a building in Boulevard (the common name for Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra for decades), some 100m from Tabor and all my night crawls and rounds ended here, just like I did in the old Tabor restaurant at Kalenić market. Here, like in a fairy tale, it was possible to meet not one, but two real-life princesses: Jelisaveta and Linda Karadjordjevic (H.R.H.), but also the real Serbian prince, Tomislav Karadjordjevic. Even if there were no royalty, or horrendous journalist Dragoljub Golubović Pižon, the promonent TV host Minimax, or one of the esquired Greek and Cyprian diplomats, there was always one of the hosts, with whom I could have a last glass of white vine in front of the restaurant. The No. 6 and 7 trams thunder down the estranged Boulevard, the street washers rinse the leftovers of another day ended, and the Belgrade city center shone down there in the bottom of the view. I’ve watched the stars falling over Zvezdara, and though you won’t find this restaurant in the holly „Michelin“ guide, I’ve seen five stars falling onto Tabor with my own eyes...“


Momo Kapor




Tabor keeps this tradition in a new way, as the restaurant business was passed on from Jovan to his son Dušan Mrđenović. Nowadays, when people have less and less of free time to enjoy, and when the romantics and the free-spirits seem extinct, Tabor mantains a guest list of people who saved their souls and nobleness, who cherish and protect the cult of good tavrens, fine food and real old town music. Although the generational shift came both between owners and guests, the old spirit is still alive.


The humour and wit of famous Minimax is now passed on to Ivan Ivanović. The victories of Vladimir Jugović and Dejan Tomašević are revived by the ones of Čabarkapa, Rakočević and Radmanović. The magical voice of Maja Odžaklijevska is today surpassed by ones of Jelena Tomašević and Aleksandra Radović. Twenty years ago, the beauty and talent of Danka Novović and Ceca Bojković conquered souls, and today we are enchanted by Marijana Mićić and Marija Kilibarda, while the acting legend Bata Stojković may find a successor in charming Andrija Milošević.


Tabor restaurant remains an assylum of friendship, that connects the seemingly incompatible people, where every man is the same and every guest is treated as a friend of the house.



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